Open clinker joint gaps

Why should air be able to get behind the clinker?

Behind a clinker facade there is a cavity and the insulation. Since the clinker and the joints can allow water to pass through, it can happen that the cavity and the insulation can also become damp.

Only by solar heat alone can the moisture not dry here. Therefore, it is very important that sufficient ventilation takes place, i.e. sufficient air must be able to flow through the cavity behind the clinker, which removes the moisture.

Weep hole vents

A well-constructed house therefore has open clinker bumper joints both at the bottom and above and above windows and doors. Thanks to these open joints, the cavity between the clinker and the back wall work can be well ventilated and the moisture removed. This prevents moisture from remaining between the clinker and the inner wall for a long time and from forming mould.

Why a bumper grille?

Many animals like to use the cavity as a living space and the open joints as an entrance. Wasps, bees, hornets and bumblebees already fit through tiny holes and like to build their nests in sheltered places, like behind the clinker of a house. You will never get rid of such a network again, because you can't just remove it.

Even mice have even the smallest gap enough to squeeze through it.

Many animals that make themselves comfortable in the cavity behind the clinker harm the building. For example, the insulation is destroyed by being eaten or removed. This leads to cold bridges and mold. The consequences are almost incalculable and always entail costly expenses.

If you insert the FUGITTE joint grille into the joints, the air can come through the joints. Animals, however, do not get through. That's exactly what you want to achieve.

Alternatives to FUGITTE weep hole vents

There are some products on the market that can be used as shock joint fans. They are mostly made of stainless steel, stainless steel or plastic. Some products must already be used during the construction phase for clinker or grouting. Other products can also be retrofitted.

The FUGITTE weep vents can be inserted into any joint afterwards, as it is individually suitable. For other products, there are often certain sizes for the different width joints. Our wall fan adapts individually to the joint width as it stretches apart.

Other products are often much more expensive to purchase. However, the result is usually the same.

The FUGITTE joint grille has also been designed to be installed both visible and invisible. This makes it an ideal fit for the look of the house. For this reason, it is only available in a single color: grey. No matter what colour your clinker or joints have, you can always install our shock joint fan visually appealing.