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Our customers are very satisfied with FUGITTE. We would therefore like to present you with an excerpt of some customer opinions on this page.

On average, our customers give us 5 out of 5 stars in a rating.

Product very good. Easy to handle and can be processed very well. It all went very easy.

Wolfgang S.

The application is easy. Simply bend the finished grid with two fingers slightly and clamp it into the joint upright. Finished. If the joint is sometimes unclean or too small, you can simply cut something away with a normal household scissors or clean the joint a little. The result is clean.


The product is easy to process and can be easily adjusted with scissors depending on the joint size. Our joints are very uneven, but with this joint grille the insulation is optimally protected from vermin!

Timo N.

Because the clinker joints have different dimensions, these cut-off and flexible grids are perfect.


Extremely practical. Very good solution. I'm very satisfied. Highly recommended.


Great product. Simply cut, bend and put into the clinker joint. There is no vermin coming through. Cheaper compared to DIY products.

A. K.

The product could be easily mounted in the ventilation gap and adjusted to the size. Visually, it only notices very little.

Ellen S.

The handling is very simple, the plastic grilles are made to measure with scissors, bent a little and then positioned by hand, pliers or a small screwdriver in the clinker joint. After the third joint you actually get that in a few seconds.

Dennis H.

Really very easy to use and keeps bombproof. There were no difficulties. I will also recommend them to friends.

M. H.

Top Goods!!! Lightning Shipping!!!


Super item, I have already installed. I'm absolutely thrilled. Keep it up.


The joint grilles are great and, above all, can be cut well. Since the joint openings in the masonry of our house are only about 1-2 cm wide, I was able to halve a large part of the grids and thus had more than enough.


The joint grille is easy to handle and built in in no time and fits perfectly in the clinker joint!! For all those who want to protect their facade from vermin.

Attila E.

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