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We have compiled the most frequently questions of our customers here. If you can't find an answer to your question, just contact us by E‑mail.

Currently, you can use the FUGITTE joint fans in a Package of 50 joint grids in our own Onlineshop or at Amazon & Ebay order online. The product is currently not available in brick-and-mortar retailers or DIY stores. This allows us to offer you the product at very favourable conditions.

The prices and shipping conditions at the two marketplaces and in our online shop differ as follows, whereby you usually receive the most favorable conditions in our online shop!

FUGITTE Online Shop

In our online shop you will receive 50 joint grids in the package starting at 13.29 EUR (by volume discount). You do not pay shipping costs when shipping to Germany. 50 joint grilles in the larger format 13 x 5.5cm you can get from us from 28,49 EUR. For orders placed via our online shop, shipments take place within 1-2 days as a large letter or parcel with Deutsche Post or DHL. That is, You will usually receive your order within 2-3 business days.


At Amazon, you can get 50 joint grilles in a package for 15.49 EUR incl. Amazon Prime shipping. As an Amazon Prime customer, you will usually receive your order on the next or the next business day. Amazon customers who are not an Amazon Prime member may pay additional shipping fees. 100 joint grilles are available on Amazon for 30.49 EUR and 200 joint fans are available for 60.99 EUR. 50 joint grilles in larger format 13 x 5.5cm are available on Amazon for 29.99 EUR.


On Ebay you will receive 50 joint grilles in a package for 13.99 EUR incl. free shipping 50 joint grilles in the format 13-5.5cm are available on Ebay for 29.99 EUR. For orders via Ebay, shipping takes place within 1-2 days as a large letter with Deutsche Post. That is, You will usually receive your order within 2-3 business days.

Large customers & special requests

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Note: All information given here about prices, shipping costs and shipping times, etc. is without guarantee, as they may change due to current actions, for example. Only the current conditions, which can be viewed on the respective market locations, are valid.

Yes, the product is specially designed to be installed in existing clinker chamois. Retrofitting can also be done by laymen, as no special tools or expertise are required.

We offer 2 different standard sizes:

Both versions can be used for a joint width between 1 and 3 cm.

The FUGITTE joint grilles therefore fit for all clinker formats.
The normal version with 8cm height fits:

  • DF = Thin format = 52mm high joints
  • NF = normal format = 71mm high joints
  • RF = Imperial format = 61mm or 65mm high joints
  • OF = Oldenburg size = 52mm high joints
  • Module format = 52mm high joints
  • Long format DF = 52mm high joints
  • Long format NF = 71mm high joints

For the following formats, please use the larger version with up to 13cm joint height:

  • 2DF = 2x thin format = 113mm high joints
  • 3DF = 3x thin format = 113mm high joints

If you would like special requests, such as a different format, we can also offer you FUGITTE made to measure and as metre goods too.

No, you don't need a special tool. You only need scissors to adjust the height of the joint grille to the height of the respective joint. In addition, a small screwdriver or a similar tool is well suited to easily adjust the joint grille after insertion.

The FUGITTE joint grilles are made of plastic. They offer the advantage that the material is flexible and can adapt to the joints.

The ventilation grille for the butt joints is gray (dark gray to anthracite). It is also only available in this one color. The FUGITTE ventilation grille can be installed either visibly or invisibly. If you insert it deep into the joints, it is no longer visible at first glance and is therefore invisible. So you don't see the color. This is particularly recommended for light colored joints. In the case of dark joints, the gray ventilation grille usually fits well into the overall picture and is barely visible even with visible installation. You can decide at your house during installation which variant suits you optically more.

It varies from house to house. You actually have to count the number of butt joints. It is important that you protect all butt joints in your house with the FUGITTE joint grille. Animals such as mice and bees immediately look for another way if they are disturbed by the joint grille. If the next joint is free, use it as an entrance.

The FUGITTE joint grilles are made of 1mm plastic. Basically, for example, mice and rats would be able to damage this material with their teeth. However, long-term tests have shown that the animals usually take the path of least resistance and do not try to damage the butt joint vent to get behind the clinker. They don't smell any food there that would make it worthwhile to do the work.
In contrast to metal butt joint fans, this product has the advantage that it is easy to install and very inexpensive.

If you use the joint grille in a U-shape, it expands against the stones by itself and thus sits firmly in the joint between the stones. Especially if you do not put the joint grille directly flush with the stones, but rather bring them a little deeper into the joint, it is almost impossible to get them out of the joint again without tools, such as a small screwdriver.

Animals usually walk the least resistance when they're not sniffing food. Long-term tests have shown that the grilles remain in the joint for a long time and that there are no problems with this.

The FUGITTE joint grilles are weatherproof and designed to protect your house in the long term. The material is also generally UV-resistant. However, the duration of the UV resistance of the material varies greatly depending on local circumstances. We therefore recommend inserting the joint grille a little deeper into the joints. In this way, they become virtually invisible and are also protected from direct sunlight.

We also recommend regular inspection of the joints.

Basically, it doesn't matter how you insert the joint grilles into the joints of the clinker. It is important that the joint is completely closed. However, we recommend cutting the gitin in height appropriately and then pressing it easily together and inserting U-shaped into the joint. This has the advantage that the joint grid sits well, as it expands on its own to both sides. In addition, optimal ventilation is ensured, as the grille is not double and thus the ventilation enstates are disturbed.

You have an exceptional joint situation and cannot cope with our standard dimensions? No problem! We can also offer you our joint fans as a metre. Take Contact with us so that we can offer you an offer.

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