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FUGITTE – The joint fan for brick-push joints

We offer our push joint fans in 2 standard dimensions: For a joint height from up to 8 cm or up to 13 cm. Both products can be used with a joint width of 1-3 cm. Alternatively we produce to you at a reasonable price theirs Desirable dimensions on measure.

Our push joint fans for the protection before mice, wasps, bees & insects


FUGITTE Joint grid - 50 pieces (8 cm high)

13,99 €

VAT included and plus shipping costs

8 x 5.5 cm
Joint height up to 8 cm
Joint width of 1 - 3 cm


FUGITTE Joint grid - 50 pieces (13 cm high)

29,99 €

VAT included and plus shipping costs

13 x 5.5 cm
Joint height up to 13 cm
Joint width of 1 - 3 cm

The best quality

Made in Germany

Our joint fans are made in Germany by which we can guarantee a high quality with every single joint fan for you.

Light assembly

Simply for upgrading

Joint fan for upgrading – also by laymen possibly. Universally applicable. For every joint with scissors simply suitably cuttable.


30 days of money back

Our Stoßugenlüfter also inspire you. There we are sure. So we give you a 30-day Back back-guarantee.

Perfect fan

Ideal design

If air and humidity lets out of the masonry! Insects and rodents do not come by the joints behind the brick.

FUGITTE Joint fan

Protect you the brick facade against penetrating animals

A competently established brickFacade owns open push joints for the ventilation of the hinterlüfteten masonry. Some animals, how Bees, wasps, mice, rats and other rodents if these openings are of use with pleasure to nest in the area between the outside facade and the internal masonry. They can cause there, nevertheless, big damage. Mice, e.g., eat away very much with pleasure the by which mould education is favoured.

FUGITTE Joint fan

Joint fan as a solution

FUGITTEif a grid of plastic, which also is afterwards simply andwithout expertises or special toolsby laymen as a push joint fan can be inserted in the push joints of the brick.

In comparison to other solutions from high-grade steel our joint fans of plastic are also rustproof. However, the push joint fans of FUGITTE offers the advantage, that they substantially cheaper are and themselves individually with scissors to every push joint adapt leave. This is very important, because no joint is like the other and only so you reach the ideal protection of your facade. No matter whether your joints 50 mm, 70 mm or are even higher, our joint fans fit for all joints.

The advantages of FUGITTE compared with other joint fans

  • Gap measure: The gap measure of our joint grids FUGITTE amounts to 3 mm. This is ideal, so that no small animals, how wasps come through and largely enough, so that the aerial exchange is not disturbed. Otherwise beständ the risk that the masonry or the insulation takes a damage.
  • Individually adaptable: For the additional installation of a joint fan it is very important that you have the possibility to adapt the push joint fan on the respective push joint individually. Every joint is individual because by Mörtelreste and by the walls. With joint fans from a firm material, like rustproof high-grade steel, you will take no pleasure with the postarmament. Our joint grids are made out of plastic and can be trimmed with scissors easily.
  • Firm seat in the joint: Our joint fans need no barbs or the similar. While using in the push joint you crush the joint grid easily with the fingers and in the joint the grid spreads out again. It holds so certainly in the position in which you have used it.
  • Optics: In contrast to laterally installed butt joint ventilators made of rustproof stainless steel or plastic butt joint ventilators that are already in use during construction, our joint grilles are almost invisibly integrated into the butt joints. This creates a beautiful facade.
  • Expenditure:  The installation of joint fans during the construction phase when bricking is very high. The mason needs more time to finish the clinker facade. As the client, you can later simply use our butt joint ventilator yourself. This links even laypeople without previous knowledge and the effort is very low.
  • Longevity:  Our joint ventilators are made of a UV-resistant plastic. Plastic is inherently rust-free and more economical than stainless steel. This enables us to offer the perfect balance between cost and longevity.

Do you need more information?

We explain to you why open butt joints are so important for clinker brick facades, which problems can arise, however, and how you can protect yourself by using butt joint fans.

Do you still have any questions about our joint fans? We'll show you the answers to the most common questions. And if you still have questions, just contact us.

Our customers are exceptionally satisfied with the FUGITTE joint fans. This is mainly due to the good price / performance ratio and the easy installation.